👥User Roles

There are four user roles in ALO. They are Administrator, Supervisor, Member, and Staff. This document describes the roles and their limitations.


Full access to ALO settings and dashboards.

  • Full control over Settings, Users, Channels, and Preferences.

  • Access to Analytics, Contacts, Feedback, Maps, and Other Boards.

  • Can view and manage actions, including Action Priorities, Types, and Assignments.

  • Can send urgent and non-urgent Broadcast messages.

  • Can Dispatch actions and Create actions from the Actions board.

  • Access to location information of all users.


In-depth access to ALO and ability to create and assign Actions to users that are not administrator.

  • Can Create and Assign Actions and allocate them to all roles except Administrators.

  • Cannot:

    • Create/Update/Delete Channels, Escalations, Action Types, Hashtags, FAQ, or Routing.

    • Cannot set up Action types and Shortcuts.

    • View the location of Administrators.


Simplified user experience for users that receive and complete actions.

  • Can Create Actions from Home and Assign Actions to themselves.

  • Cannot

    • Create Actions from the Action Board or Channels.

    • Assign Actions to other users.

    • Dispatch Actions to other channels.

    • View Analytics or Records.

    • Access location information of users or maps.

  • Can send only non-urgent Broadcast messages.

  • Can participate in Direct Messages but cannot initiate them.

Text Only

Basic access, primarily limited to sending and receiving text messages.

  • No Push-to-Talk audio communication.

  • No Real-Time Video communication capabilities.


Offline users can be assigned Actions by Administrators or Supervisors. This ensures that to-do items can be logged and tracked within the system for audit purposes.

  • No ALO sign-in.

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