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Submitting Incidents and Requests

Intro to Home
Download ALO:
Most of you will Login to ALO with your phone number and a temporary password sent via SMS.


This is your home base and it will look something like this:
1 This "hamburger" icon is used to open and close the menu.
2 These are FAQ's that your managers will use to update you with the latest information.
3 These "Incident/Request" buttons are what you will use to report issues and make requests.
4 The TASKS tab will be where you can see tasks assigned to you and tasks you created by submitting Incident/Requests (each Incident/Request automatically becomes a task in ALO).
5 The DM (short for Direct Messages) tab is where you can see your direct messages. (If you press on your name you will see a list of notifications and tasks assigned to you.)
6 Like Google search, this is where you can search the FAQ's by keyword.

Submitting Incidents or Requests

ALO is designed for you to report issues and make requests quickly. We want you to use the keyboard as little as possible and instead use photos, video, and your voice (with push-to-talk audio) to provide more information faster.

Step 1. Press the "Incident/Request" button corresponding to the issue or request you want to submit.
Step 2. This will bring up a form, like this example (note that each form may be different):
Step 3. Identifying the Location is very important. ALO will remember the Locations that you use frequently, and it will automatically try to complete what you're typing. As you can see, as you type ALO starts finding Locations that match where you are:
Step 4. If the form lets you submit photos, press the camera icon and take photos that communicate the issue or request. For example, a close-up of a nacho spill is not as useful as one from a distance to make it easier to identify where the spill is:
Step 5. When you've provided as much information as you can, scroll down and press the yellow SEND button:
Step 6. After pressing SEND you'll end up at a screen that looks like this. From here you can use TALK to describe the issue or make the request with your voice, the VIDEO button to record a video, and even send a TEXT message:
Step 7. To exit the screen and go back to HOME, press the X:
Finally, if you come across additional information that you feel would be helpful, press TASKS, find the Task for the issue or request you submitted, and press the message icon to add more information:
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