🗨️Staff Reporting

ALO provides multiple avenues for staff members who do not have the ALO application to submit updates for logging, tracking, and facilitating communication.

Staff Reporting Channels

When enabled, all Video, Push To Talk (PTT), SMS/VM will auto-create Actions and append all subsequent Video, PTT, SMS/VM as Comments until the Task Status is something other than To Do.

How it works:

To enable Staff Reporting Channels:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Channel settings and toggle the "Staff Reporting Channel" option ON.

  2. If this is an SMS channel, toggle "Auto Task Create" option ON. This will create tasks from incoming messages from users who are texting into ALO.

Website Reporting via QR or URL

ALO supports reporting for non-ALO users.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Types and select the QR code symbol next to your desired form.

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