Mobility Support

ALO provides a unique solutions to help you serve your guests with disabilities. Utilizing ĀLO’s auto response feature can enable you to manage guest requests in real-time.

The Mobility Services Flow for Your Guests

This section outlines how the mobility service flow will appear to your guests and staff.

  1. A customer sends a text message to an ĀLO-supported phone number may receive the an auto response prompting them to click and link and fill out a form. The customer navigates to the link, and fills out the form indicating where they wish to be picked up and how many people are in their party.

  2. Upon submitting the form, the guest will receive a confirmation message. In the ĀLO channel, their message will be updated with form details as a task.

  3. If the guest does not submit the form, the task will be cancelled and no further actions by staff are needed.

Setting Up

To get mobility services up an running, first ask your ĀLO representative for an additional SMS phone numbers that guests can use to contact your team for mobility services and for to create a new Mobility Type. Send your ĀLO representative which of the following information you would like from your guests:

  • Mobile phone

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Pickup location

  • Pickup details

  • Dropoff location

  • Dropoff details

  • How many guests need to be transported?

  • Notes

When this is done, please complete the following steps:

  1. Toggle Auto Create Task for Incoming SMS to ON

  2. In the Autoresponse Type selection box, select "Autoresponse with Customer Form"

  3. In Type, enter in your newly-created Mobility Type.

  4. In Customer Form Confirmation Text, enter in the first autoresponse message you would like your guests to receive. Example: Your ALO University mobility request has been received. We’re working on it. Thank you! If you wish to cancel the request, tap here and then the cancel link:

  5. In Customer Form Dispatched Text, enter in the confirmation message that you would like your guests to revceive after submitting their request form. Example: Be on the lookout. A mobility attendant has been dispatched to your location. If you no longer require Mobility Services tap on the link below to cancel.

  6. In Customer Incomplete Form Text, enter in the message that you would like your customer to receive to warn them that their request will be cancelled if they do not submit a request form. Example: Please tap to complete form and initiate your request, or it will be canceled:

  7. In Customer Incomplete Form Trigger Minutes, enter in how much time will pass before the customer receives their first warning.

  8. In Customer Form Cancel Text, enter in the message that you would like your customer to receive to let them know that their request has been cancelled. Example: Your request has been canceled. Please call +1 (212) 202-5577 if you need additional assistance.

  9. In Customer Form Cancel Trigger Minutes, enter in how much time will pass before the customer's request is cancelled.

  10. In Autoresponse Text, enter in the original message you would like your customer to receive to prompt them to fill out the request form. Example: Thank you for contacting ALO University Mobility Services. Please tell us how many people in your party and where you are located. Thank you!

  11. Hit Save

An now you're done! Congratulations on setting up mobility services in your account!

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