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Welcome! With ALO, you can boost the guest experience with straight through communication from customers to staff with automated dispatching, and reduce risk with perfect recall by logging audio, chat, images and video with incident data.

Logging in

When you're invited to ALO you'll receive an SMS message that looks like this:

You've been invited to join <ALO Team Name> on ALO. First, load the ALO app on your phone: https://alo.ai/mobile and then Log in with <your phone number> and temporary password: <your temporary password>

  • Load the ALO mobile application.

    • Or search "alo.ai" on Google Android and Apple iOS app stores.

    • If you are on a desktop browser, access the ALO app at: https://app.alo.ai (note: this is optimized for desktop; please use the mobile application on you mobile device).

  • After logging in with your phone number and the temporary password, it will ask you to create a permanent password.

    • Having some trouble logging in with your temporary password? Click "Forgot Password?" after entering in your phone number to reset your password.

  • An SMS code will be sent to confirm your phone number and complete the login.

  • Depending on the operating system that you're using, you'll be prompted for different permissions. Accepting these permissions will allow you to utilize more ALO features.

  • Android users will get this additional permissions prompt that you can read about here: Broadcast Messaging


Once logged into ALO, you will be brought to the home screen. To submit an incident, press one of the options under the โ€œActionsโ€ header.

  1. The Actions buttons will take you to Action forms to report issues and make requests.

Depending on your level of access, your menu may appear as such:

  1. Home will return you to your Action buttons.

  2. Channels help organize your conversations to specific topics or department responsibilities.

  3. Actions will take you to a board where all tasks you have access to are listed.

  4. Records is where you can view team information depending on your level of access.

  5. Direct Messages is how you can directly contact a member of your team.

  6. Broadcast is a channel meant to be used in case of emergency.

  7. Analytics will provide usage reports of ALO within your team.

  8. Settings will allow you to customize your organization's account to your needs.


You can send messages through Channels, which contain conversations related to specific topics that have been set up by you administrators, or through Direct Messages, if you want to communicate with specific people. Staff can send text messages, talk-to-text, or stream video.


ALO provides a seamless experience for reporting issues and making requests. Tasks, incidents, or requests (known as Actions) will appear in Channels, as well as the Action Board. You can assign users to specific Actions, set status, and ask questions or comment updates on Actions.

Submitting Actions

ALO empowers you to use the keyboard as little as possible and instead use photos, video, and your voice (with push-to-talk audio) to provide more information faster.

  1. When you've provided as much information as you can, scroll down and press the yellow SEND button.

Updating Actions in Channels

An Action will appear in a channel like so, depending on your level of access:

Updating Actions in the Action Board

The Actions tab will be where you can see tasks assigned to you and tasks you created by submitting Incident/Requests (each Incident/Request automatically becomes a task in ฤ€LO).

  1. You can update the status of a task by clicking on the value in the "Status" column. For example, a staff member will click on "Doing" and select "Done" to set the task as completed.

  2. Staff members with elevated permissions, such as dispatchers, can assign tasks to specific members. Select the value in the "Assigned" column to change it.

Video Tutorial

To download the ALO App from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store go here:

For Questions or Technical Support:

SMS or Voice: +1 (212) 202-5577

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