🔃Dispatching and AI

Using artificial intelligence, ALO's powerful AI Dispatching feature streamlines external message organization, enhancing operational efficiency in your facilities.

With ALO you can dispatch issues or requests, that come in via SMS, Voicemail, or QR codes, to the appropriate department manually or using artificial intelligence (AI).

ALO's powerful AI Dispatching feature automates the dispatching of inbound issues or requests, enhancing operational efficiency and guest satisfaction in your facilities. Immediate dispatching without a dispatcher!


How to dispatch an existing Action

  1. Say one of your parking attendants witnesses an accident in the parking lot and creates the following Action in ALO:

  1. In the above message, the parking attendant has noted that the one of the owners of the colliding vehicles is upset and making threats. The dispatcher on duty decides that it is important to keep the Security team in the loop.

  2. To dispatch this Action to Security, a dispatcher can either:

Dispatching a Message

In order to route a message, dispatchers will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Actions Board.

AI Dispatching

ALO offers an AI dispatching feature to help you organize your external messages effectively. With this powerful tool, you can streamline task management and enhance operational efficiency at your stadium. With AI Dispatching, you can efficiently categorize and prioritize customer messages, ensuring timely responses and smoother communication workflows so that you can stay on top of incoming messages.

How AI Dispatching Works

Guests will send text messages to your customer service phone numbers. See examples below:

As you can see, customer messages sent to the Guest Services channel are being dispatched to relevant channels for message organization. All food and beverage-related customer messages are now organized into the Concession channel.

How to Set Up AI Dispatching

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Edit a Team

  2. Navigate to Settings > Channels and edit each channel you would like messages to route to.

Congratulations! You have no set up AI Dispatch for your organization!

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