Input/Output Device Selection

Getting Available Devices

Before connecting to an audio channel you have the option of selecting which audio input (microphone) and output (speaker) device to use. If you do not specify an input device the operating system's default device will be used.

In order to get the current list of available audio devices you can use the getMediaList() method.

Example Device List Retrieval

let devices = await aloAudio.getMediaList();
const listElement = document.querySelector('select#availableMicrophones');
listElement.innerText = null;

Object.values(devices[AloAudio.MEDIA_DEVICE_LIST_AUDIO_INPUT]).forEach(device => {
  const inputOption = document.createElement('option');
  inputOption.value =;
  inputOption.label = device.label;
  inputOption.innerText = device.label;

You should also add a listener for the onDeviceListUpdate event. If input devices change you can update your input device selection.




This event will let you know the list of available input devices has changed.

Example onDeviceListUpdate event payload:

  detail : {
    type: "audioinput",
    devices : {
      80c24043a7acb547b1eda7f0de20ea9917e6dea90091dab7a5a5258f74e91714: {
        id: "80c24043a7acb547b1eda7f0de20ea9917e6dea90091dab7a5a5258f74e91714",
        label: ""Microphone (HD Webcam C615) (046d:082c)"",
        type: "audioinput"
      752999ac8b718aa41f3d2a9755dfabf2b8f80d613701a36b487939b38ab6095d: {
        id: "752999ac8b718aa41f3d2a9755dfabf2b8f80d613701a36b487939b38ab6095d",
        label: "Microphone Array (Realtek(R) Audio)",
        type: "audioinput"

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