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ALO is the operating system for facilities such as: arenas, stadiums, theaters, convention centers, university campuses, hotels and resorts, hospitals, amusement parks, airports, government buildings, and malls. ALO revolutionizes customer experience and operations workflows for teams who can’t stare at a screen all day – resulting in lower operations and staffing costs and higher customer satisfaction. To do this, ALO unifies customer communications, staff coordination, and task management with NLP technology, enabling a voice interface, real-time language translation, and automated staff dispatch.
ALO replaces radios, omnichannel guest communication tools, dispatch and task management, live video, collaboration tools, and more. The system is composed of four modules: Communicate, Support, Dispatch, and Integrate.

Developer Documentation is here

ALO Module: Integrate

API for integration with enterprise systems and data feeds (CRM, ticketing, weather, etc.).
SDK for embedding.

Application Documentation is here

ALO Module: Communicate

Multilingual, global walkie-talkie with push to talk, group chat, photos, and live video.
Realtime NLP (natural language processing) - speech-to-text transcription and text-to-speech audio and alerts.

ALO Module: Support

Communicate with customers in 99 languages with realtime translation. Omnichannel via SMS, voice, mobile app chatbot, website chatbot, QR code feedback, and more.

ALO Module: Dispatch

Coordinate resources globally from a central location.
Automatic and manual dispatching of tasks.

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